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Bizarre Love Triangle – New order

Recently, at work fixing things, i’ve been having thoughts of things. Like aunties, uncles, friends which just keep flashing through my mind. I keep thinking that isn’t it weird that a family can make many people when we all get split up through marriage and the cycle will keep going on? Hmm, thoughts of aunties and uncles makes me think how close we were last time. I always wanted to know what my father gone through, what all of my family members have gone through in their life before i was born. How they felt, what they do. What they studied and so on. In any way, sorry for not updating recently. Nowadays at work, there’re so many things to do, so damn tiring. So sleep during work and exhausted after work but no matter how tired i am, i’ll make my way down to Juntion 8 to enjoy myself a little with my friend or perhaps, play games at home. Too much work is boring. Taking a look at time, i’m quite surprised it pass so fast. It was just monday and tomorrow’s gonna be Sunday! Sunday, yes yes, it’s FAMILY DAY! YAY! Anyway, for me, it’s Family cum gardening day. With my daddy! Yay! I so wanna be like my dad, good in doing anything on earth! Best person i’ve ever known. This morning i went jogging with my daddy. It’s great jogging with him because everything goes on well. I never stopped when i’m with him. At times, when i jog by myself, i feel so lazy to jog so i’ll keep walking. Perhaps, with my dad, he will scold me if i should stop, that’s why i’ll keep going on and on. We jogged for 3.73km today took about 30 min. I know it’s slow but then, science says that we should exercise for AT LEAST half an hour. Yesterday, a sit-up bench came, German branded. Not sure what brand it is but this morning, i did like 20 sit up only. It didn’t hurt much this morning but my stomach’s aching a lot now. Geee. Lol. Okay, i guess i’ll type till here. My ‘N’ level results coming out on 18 December. Wish me luck!


Such simple life i’m having

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Holiday- Bee Gees.

I woke up at 6am today and went jogging with my daddy, yesterday, i woke up at 5.30 to jog by myself. So tiring but then, i’ve got to train. Yesterday, i went Juntion 8 by myself at around 7. I went to play by myself somewhere around there. After that, i do some shopping by myself, i bought a game, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, a nike+ipod chip and a 1 metre extension cable for my ear piece. I met up with Si lei a.k.a Ley, at around 9pm, we headed towards Bishan street 13 to get her uncle mail. Soon after, we chit-chatted awhile and had to go because of limited time. Took a cabbie to her house then down to mine. When i reached home, we must be a little sneaky because we’re afraid of our mother saying, ‘why always buy game’ or so on but eventually, she didn’t. Lol. Played with my brother till 1.30am and then, TO BED!

Today, nothing much, jogged as i said above, go to work, come home, sleep till 7pm, went out to have dinner with Family and then, Home sweet home. Blogging now.

See ya.

Jogging at 8am tomorrow, plantation after that, sleep then go dinner! YAY!

Hello everyone, New blog again.

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Hello all,

Okay, new blog again. Lol, i hope many people will read but i think my blog would be kinda boring. My older brother, Gyver, have 8434 hits! That’s a lot. He’s a real Singapore lover and i guess he’s not the only one. I think he got lots of information, that’s why people will view his blog. Oh well.

Okay, My day started at 6am sharp. Was feeling very tired and sleepy, don’t feel like getting up but i’ve got no choice so i have to force myself. As usual, brush teeth, wash face and all that. Went to have breakfast with Great leader and teacher, Dad and my Singapore’s future hero, Mr. Gyver Chang, my older brother ^^ I went to buy WD40 for my colleague. After that, went to buy pineapple for my dad and food for my maid. Soon after, i walked to work from somewhere near there. Work is tiring today! Damn tiring man. I’m pretty sure i didn’t had enough sleep for the past few nights because 2 days again, i went jogging with my fit father in the morning at 5. By the way, mum got 2 day MC, so yesterday and today never come to work. Today, got 4 casing need to install some stuffs in, haven’t complete yet and it’s urgent. Tomorrow morning, need to carry 5 heavy racks up to Cathy somemore! Gee. Tomorrow’s gonna be damn tight and tiring i bet. Oh ya, after work, i went out with Chong der. We sure enjoyed ourselves at Junction 8 today. Sorry, my dear Ley. I never buy something for you cause it’s out of stock!

Okay, i gonna doze off any sooner, better get to bed already. Gooooooooooodnight everyone! Have a nice sleep or have a great day.

Hello world!

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